Working as a Travel Agent vs Travel Agency Owner

Woman working on laptop by ocean view - travel agent vs travel agency owner, what's the difference?

Helping others live their travel dreams is a truly rewarding experience! Travel agents have one of the best jobs in the world, sending people around the globe as they cross dream destinations off their bucket lists. When starting in the travel industry, it can be challenging to determine the difference between a travel agent vs travel agency owner. We’ve broken down the differences, so you know what to expect!

Working as a Travel Agent

Travel agents earn money by selling vacations to people in their network – which can include friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and people of all backgrounds in their community. Travel agents establish themselves as the first point of contact for anyone wishing to book all kinds of travel.

Many of our advisors operate as a part time travel agent working from home. For every vacation sold, they earn a commission. By working from home, agents choose their own hours, how often they work and how many vacations they sell!

At Dream Vacations, travel agents are known as travel advisors. We provide all the training needed to sell cruises from home – along with other exciting holidays. Travel advisors become part of our travel family, getting consistent support from our group of experienced sellers and travelers, including their travel agency franchise owner.

What Are Travel Agencies?

Most travel agents will work for a travel agency, even those who work as a home-based travel advisor. Travel agencies provide travel advisors with the resources they need to become successful travel salespeople. Agencies will provide initial training, mentorships and ongoing education for travel agents. They also offer marketing resources to promote the business online, through social media, and within the local community.

The biggest advantage of working with a travel agency is having access to their travel network. Agencies will have relationships with some of the biggest names in travel, from flights to hotels and activities. These connections allow agents to create incredible vacations for their clients at the best possible value. Travel agencies can also connect agents with potential clients, increasing the number of vacations sold and, therefore, the commission earned!

As a travel advisor working with the Dream Vacations team, we pair all those who want to work as independent travel advisors with an existing travel agency franchise owner. Our franchise owners run their own businesses and get access to the latest marketing tools, analytic technology, lead generation and travel resources from Dream Vacations to share with their advisors as mentors and guides.

Become a Travel Advisor

When deciding whether to work as a travel agent vs travel agency franchise owner, starting as a travel advisor allows you to evaluate your passion and work ethic before fully diving in. Meet with one of our team members to determine your work goals and travel wishes, before we match you with a mentor. You’ll then join our travel crew, with our $39 a month fee offering full access to the travel network, training, a website, marketing materials, and ongoing support from your mentor. Register for one of our free webinars to learn more about how our program works and start your travel advisor career today!