Do Travel Agents Travel? Yes – And You Can Too! Here’s How

agents pose with dream vacations sign on beach

If you’re looking to break into the travel industry, chances are you love seeing new cities and experiencing new things. You may be asking: do travel agents travel? Yes, they certainly do — and they often do so for free. 

Whether you prefer exploring the world by land, sea or air, becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor offers you a number of perks for travel lovers. From free vacations and discounted rates to official conferences, trainings and networking events, working as a travel advisor just might be the stepping stone you need to enhance your trips.  

See the World For Free 

You may dream of climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, cruising around the Caribbean or road-tripping across Iceland. Whatever you desire, you can make your dreams come true as a travel advisor with Dream Vacations. Because, do travel agents travel? Of course they do! They travel for free and get paid, too.  

Working as a Dream Vacations Advisor, special travel agent fam trips ensure that you’re able to talk about destinations, resorts, cruises and activities with first-hand knowledge. These are free or discounted travel experiences that allow you to familiarize yourself with everything from resorts in the Bahamas to vineyards in Italy to beautiful new cruise ships. Being able to talk about your own experiences makes it even easier to sell trips to your clients. 

Do Travel Agents Travel With Discounts? 

Beyond FAM trips, there are other perks you can get as a travel advisor. For example, you may be wondering, do travel agents get discounts on cruises? As a Dream Vacations travel advisor, you’ll get exclusive access to discounted rates on cruises, resort stays and more. These trips are especially great for those who want to work from anywhere, as you can take advantage of the opportunities while still keeping up with your clients and their travel needs. 

Group Gatherings 

Among the other perks of being a travel agent is the opportunity to “jet set” as part of your work. When you are a work-from-anywhere travel advisor with Dream Vacations, part of your immersion in the travel industry involves training and development opportunities in different destinations. You’ll have the chance to visit new locales while also enhancing your skills and learning more about what you can do to be a great travel advisor. 

We know the answer to “Do travel agents travel for work?” but there are so many other incredible perks to becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor. One of the best things about our travel community is being able to network with other travel professionals and to connect with them to further develop your own skills and resources. In addition, you may be able to write off some trips on your taxes as a business-related expense, making the trips even more affordable for travel advisors. 

How It Works 

Now that you’ve discovered the many benefits to becoming a travel advisor, you may be curious as to exactly how does Dream Vacations work. As a Dream Vacations Advisor, you will work as an independent contractor to promote vacation packages to clients. You’ll be partnered with a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise business owner, gaining knowledge and resources from your mentor while earning commission on your sales. 

All of this ensures that you have a flexible lifestyle, with a work-from-home (or anywhere!) position that gives you the freedom to live your life as you see fit. With virtual trainings and a plethora of marketing tools available to you — plus guidance from an established Dream Vacations Franchise Owner — you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Do travel agents travel? Yes, they do, and you can too when you become a Dream Vacations travel advisor. To get started on your journey, register for the Dream Vacations webinar or call 800-400-9827 to speak with the team today.