How Long Does It Take to Become a Travel Agent?

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According to Forbes, 40% of Americans plan to travel more in 2024. So, if you’ve been thinking about exploring career opportunities in this industry, now’s a great time to get started! 

Becoming an independent travel advisor with Dream Vacations is a rewarding process. You can begin selling vacations without any prior travel industry experience – extensive training and support means anyone with a hard-working attitude can thrive. And if you’re wondering what education do you need to be a travel agent, we have good news – you don’t need a formal education. 

​​But how long does it take to become a travel agent? It all depends on how fast you want to move forward! The sooner you start your journey, the faster you’ll get to enjoy the fun and flexibility of making money at home or abroad. If you want to take a slower pace to learn the ropes before moving forward, that’s okay too. Take a look at the four key steps to joining the Dream Vacations family as a travel advisor. 

  1. Attend Our Webinar 

First, you can check out our travel agent FAQ, and then sign up for the Dream Vacations webinar. It’s your chance to dive deeper into the Dream Vacations Advisor opportunity and uncover the amazing benefits it holds for you.  

These perks include support and mentorship as you sell travel, as well as complimentary and reduced travel rates as well as discounted rates on hotels, resorts, cruises and more. The webinar will address most of your queries and guide you through the next steps.  

  1. Discover Your Opportunities 

During the discovery phase, you’ll learn whether you have the traits to succeed as a travel advisor: a love for travel, curiosity and willingness to learn, perseverance, a self-starter attitude and communication skills. 

We also suggest using this time to focus on key elements like commissions, flexible schedules, marketing resources and training options. These factors play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for your success. 

  1. Make an Investment 

As you start your self-employed business venture, you’ll gain access to various resources like websites, training, marketing initiatives and more. This access requires time and financial commitments. 

Becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor includes a small initial fee and a monthly administrative fee that provides excellent value for your investment, such as weekly marketing and promotional emails and access to lead generation and brand awareness programs. You’ll access a comprehensive library of marketing tools! As long as you have a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection, that monthly fee is your sole overhead cost. 

  1. Go Through Training 

Dream Vacations Advisor training starts with travel classes online. Our comprehensive program includes ongoing in-person and on-demand sessions designed to continually enhance your knowledge throughout your career. You’ll receive targeted training covering industry operations and effective marketing tools to promote your business and generate quality leads.  

Our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and support needed to craft dream vacations for your clients and achieve success in your business. For example, we educate new advisors on essential industry practices such as selling cruise packages, navigating travel booking systems and attracting clients. Continuous training is also available to all advisors through our extensive library of more than 1,500 on-demand courses accessible online.  

As a Dream Vacations travel advisor, you’ll also collaborate closely with an experienced franchise owner who will guide you through the business and serve as your mentor. You’ll operate as an independent contractor within the franchise owner’s travel agency, earning commissions on your sales. 

How to Become a Cruise Travel Agent 

Dream Vacations has partnered with independent travel advisors since 1992. Now is your chance to become a travel advisor, share your love for travel, and generate additional income. Whether you’re seeking part-time work for additional earnings or aiming to turn this adventure into a full-time career, the Dream Vacations team, along with your dedicated franchise owner mentor, will be there to support you every step of the way. 

So how long does it take to become a travel agent? Find out now by registering for instant access and watch our webinar. We can’t wait for you to join the excitement and learn more about your Dream Vacations travel advisor opportunity.