How Much Does a Travel Advisor Make

Man sitting at desk, looking out window at ocean, wondering: "How much does a travel advisor make?"

Are you passionate about travel? Do you love learning about new cultures? Has the thought of turning that passion into a career crossed your mind? If so, another question that you might be asking yourself is, “How much does a travel advisor make?”

You can find many fun part-time jobs, but becoming a travel advisor for someone who is an enthusiastic traveler can be one of the most satisfying and fun jobs out there. Most importantly, if you like helping people plan the perfect getaway and create that personal touch they’re looking for, it is a very fulfilling business opportunity endeavor. As a Dream Vacations Advisor, you will earn some of the highest commissions in the travel industry! Our system rewards people like you who love to earn extra income and share travel experiences!  

How Does a Travel Commission System Work?

The way commission-based travel agents earn their money is from a set percentage of the amount commissionable from the sale they make. It is simple: The more you sell, the bigger travel agent commission you’ll earn.

Dream Vacations Advisors are independent contractors working under the mentorship of a Franchise Owner. As a Dream Vacations Advisor, what you earn depends on your time and effort. You’ll earn at least 60% from the supplier commission on each sale you make to your customers, which includes various vacations such as cruises, resort vacations, guided tours, theme parks, villas, excursions, travel protection and more. If you want to earn some extra income on the side and are willing to invest some time, the potential is there to earn money!

Dream Vacations has been in the travel industry since 1992 and has established itself as a powerhouse in the travel industry, which is why Dream Vacations offers the best commission for travel agents! Here’s how a typical sale would break down (an example is for demonstration purposes only):

  • 7-Night Caribbean Cruise Cabin…………… $2,500
  • Non-Commissionable Fees……………………………. $500
  • Total Commissionable Fare…………………. $2,000
  • Commission Earned………………………………………. $320
  • Advisor’s Commission Split (60%)…………… $192

Commission checks are processed each week and then sent to the Dream Vacations Franchise Owner. The Franchise Owner then pays their independent Advisors their portion of the commission split every two weeks.

Other Benefits of Being a Travel Advisor

Aside from the commissions, being a Dream Vacations Advisor can come with other travel benefits. Our Advisors have the chance to take familiarization trips at significantly reduced rates. These trips are key turning points and you can experience new cruise ships, tours and other destinations first-hand so you can pass that knowledge on to your customers.

With your low monthly fee, you get access to:

  • Ongoing support from a dedicated corporate team and a passionate community of your fellow Advisors and Franchise Owners.
  • More than 1,500 on-demand training courses that you can fit into your own schedule.
  • Millions of dollars’ worth of award-winning lead generation programs and marketing material that you can customize to fit your market and potential clients.
  • Our industry-leading CRM with fare watch, online reservations and financial systems.

Why Is Being a Travel Agent One of the Best Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms?

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who loves to travel and plan family vacations, and you are looking for supplemental income opportunities for your family, being a Dream Vacations Advisor might be the answer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average salary for travel agents in 2021 was $43,810, and with Dream Vacations the more you sell, the more commissionable income you earn.

Being able to sell cruises from home can be very convenient. The great thing is that your office can be anywhere – your home, the beach or on a hiking trail. If you have an internet connection, you can sell vacations through your own booking website. All bookings made through your website are tracked back to you and your commissions – it’s as easy as that!

If you want to become a Dream Vacations Advisor and find out the answer to the question, “How much does a travel advisor make?” then get started by signing up for our FREE webinar today!