How to Become a Travel Agent for Cruise Lines

woman taking a selfie infront of a cruise ship - how to become a travel agent for cruise lines

Is your perfect vacation relaxing on a sunny pool deck while you sail along a sparkling white coastline? Do you dream of exploring medieval villages by day and drifting past friendly twinkling lights at night? Do you spend all your spare time talking about your favorite cruises to anyone who’ll listen to the point where your family and friends say you should learn how to become a travel agent for cruise lines yourself?

If that sounds like you, then you probably already know a thing or two about the wonders and delights of cruising! In fact, when you’re not talking or daydreaming about your last amazing voyage, you’re probably busy planning the next one! You might even think your loved ones are right, and you should find a way to sell cruises for a living – but how would you fit it into your existing schedule and family commitments?

Well, the great news is that you can enjoy all the perks of being a travel agent – and have a 100% flexible work schedule – by becoming a home-based travel advisor with Dream Vacations!

Earn Extra Income Doing What You Love

As you already know, cruising offers vacation experiences that are ideal for nearly every kind of traveler. There are so many packages and itineraries on offer that more and more people are turning to trusted travel booking experts for help and advice – so if you’ve ever wondered how to be a travel agent and make money selling cruises, now is the time to find out!

As a travel advisor with Dream Vacations, you’ll use your inside knowledge and own cruising experience to help your clients find and plan their ultimate dream vacation. You’ll be their go-to person whenever they need advice or recommendations, keep them up to date with all the latest offers and destinations, and make all their bookings on their behalf. 

In return, they’ll come back to you to plan their adventures year after year. They’ll refer their friends, colleagues and family members to you, and trust your recommendations for cruises as well as tours, excursions, flights, insurance and many other valuable extras. You’ll earn a commission on vacation bookings and extras, so as your client base expands and your expertise grows, so will your potential income.

Will I Be Able to Sell Cruises From Home?

Absolutely! The Dream Vacations model is designed to fit around your existing lifestyle, so you can set up your business anywhere you like as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device! As you’ll be self-employed, you’ll also have total control over your own hours – so when you work, and how much, is entirely up to you! 

Dream Vacations Advisors come from all walks of life, so we offer an opportunity with maximum flexibility. The amount you work – and thus the amount you sell – is yours to decide.

The Benefits of Being an Expert Family Travel Advisor

At Dream Vacations, we know our advisors are passionate about cruises and work hard to make their clients’ travel dreams come true, so you’ll be able to maximize your knowledge while exploring the world through familiarization (or “FAM”) trips. On these trips, you can learn all about the products you’re recommending – seeing travel products from all sectors of the industry.

Plus, when you sign up with Dream Vacations, you’ll have access to more than 1,500 hours of online training on how to become a cruise travel agent. You’ll be partnered with an existing franchisee who will mentor you through the whole process, you’ll get your own website and booking system, and you’ll be welcomed into the ever-growing online family of Dream Vacations Advisors and Franchisees!

Navigate a Course for Success With Dream Vacations!

It takes a special person to help others follow their vacation dreams. If you’re passionate about travel, are excited to learn and grow, and love planning and booking vacations, you can leverage those skills and learn how to become a travel agent for cruise lines by becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor! We’ll show you how to build your business, grow your expertise, and earn money by doing what you love. Watch our free webinar to get started, or get in touch with the team at Dream Vacations today!