What Are the Most Rewarding Military Spouse Jobs From Home?

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If you’re a military spouse, you probably know a thing or two about hard work and sacrifice! While our active forces are working hard to protect our country, you’re at home keeping everything together, supporting your partner as they defend America, follow their dreams and progress their career.

But what about your own dreams? For many people in your position, it’s necessary to “think outside the box” and look for opportunities that allow for flexible hours and responsibilities. For many of you, military spouse jobs from home are often the best way to build a career and an income of your own.

At Dream Vacations, we understand how important flexibility is to your lifestyle. We also know you have plenty of skills and experience to leverage toward your success! That’s why we offer military spouses like you the opportunity for a rewarding career in the travel industry, with the chance to make a difference not just to your clients, but to your family as well.

What’s Great About Dream Vacations?

At Dream Vacations, we know that you’re a multifaceted individual beyond being a military spouse. You’re managing the kids’ schedules, supervising the family budget, keeping the house on your own and probably organizing all the family holidays as well! You can turn all that experience into a rewarding opportunity for supplemental income that lets you work on your own terms!

Dream Vacations offers fully flexible, remote jobs for military spouses who dream of becoming a home-based travel advisor. You’ll be self-employed as an independent contractor working alongside a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner that will mentor you in the travel industry. Plus, you will be supported by an industry-leading company that already has all the winning formulas and successful business models in place. You’ll follow in the footsteps of many others who have gone before you and achieved their own success!

How Does It work?

With Dream Vacations, you run your business your way. It’s one of the best jobs for stay at home moms because you can easily fit it in when the kids are asleep or at school. If you only want to work when your partner’s away, that’s fine too. You can even work from a tent or the middle of a barracks, if that’s where you are – as long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’re good to go!

Once you’ve signed up, you will be paired with a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner who will become your mentor and share their expertise and knowledge with you. You’ll have access to more than 1,500 hours of online training and can complete that in your own time. We’ll get you up and running with your mentor, own website, booking system and marketing materials, and then you’re all set to start planning and booking holidays for your clients. There are no minimum monthly targets, and every sale – from all-exclusive packages to add-on extras – will earn you a commission (just one of the many perks of being a travel agent)!

Belong to a Community of Your Peers

Being a military spouse, you know how important it is to have a support network. What sets us apart from other military spouse jobs from home is that as a family travel advisor with Dream Vacations, you never have to feel that you’re on your own. To begin with, you’ll have one of our seasoned franchisees as your personal mentor. Plus, you’ll join our amazing community of fellow travel advisors and business owners, some 35% of which are ex-military or military spouses just like you.

With a dedicated attitude and a commitment to success, you can achieve your goals as a Dream Vacations Advisor! And perhaps once you’ve learned the ropes, it will be your turn to support and mentor someone else. This is what it means to be part of our amazing Dream Vacations family, and the reason why we’re consistently ranked among the best remote travel agent jobs for veterans and their families. 

Build a Fulfilling Career with Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations understands that our military spouses are always working hard behind the scenes to support their partners and family. That’s why we want to help you follow your own dreams by offering a rewarding and flexible career as a home-based travel advisor.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the world for yourself while at the same time bringing in some extra income for your family. You can fit your work around your existing life and commitments, and gain the rewards of your hard-earned skills and experience. Finding the best military spouse jobs from home is easy with Dream Vacations. Simply watch our free webinar to get started, and we’ll show you how to take the next step towards your dream life today!