How to Turn a Vacation Into a Business Trip

Dream Vacation Advisor on a dock in front of a cruise ship

If you love travel, you already know the value it brings to your quality of life – it’s a peaceful escape from the everyday routine and can offer precious, uninterrupted time with your family. You may be looking for a way to leverage a vacation as something that provides financial value alongside the evident personal value. If you could learn how to turn a vacation into a business trip, you can travel as freely as your schedule allows – positively, a dream come true.

At Dream Vacations, we offer the tools and technology needed to let you follow your passions – and with a trend towards remote work and advancements in mobile technology and devices, the tools to becoming a digital nomad are more accessible than ever!

What Could Your Dream Lifestyle Look Like?

Extended getaways can be challenging for many of us to fit into our lifestyles – so taking that 60-day cruise around the world, renting a Tuscan villa for a month or spending the summer rescuing sea turtles in the Galapagos are bucket list items you may be saving until the future. However, if you could take your work with you, and earn money while you’re away, this would open up all-new possibilities. 

When you become a Dream Vacations Advisor, you can fit your working hours around relaxing, sightseeing and whatever else you want to do. You don’t have to work the same hours or even the same days each week. So, you could be answering emails by day and dancing salsa on the beach by night, exploring medieval museums in the morning and making calls from a quaint, cobbled square in the afternoon.

How Can You Travel While Working Remotely?

Being a Dream Vacations Advisor is one of the best remote part time gigs, as almost everything is online. Make sure your accommodations (or a local café) have reliable Wi-Fi, pop your laptop, tablet and smartphone into your hand luggage, and voila! – you have a mobile office. You can answer calls and emails, schedule social media posts or work on newsletters and promotions from anywhere you like. Just imagine your communications’ impact when you send them from the very place you are recommending! You’ll quickly build trust with your potential clients, assisting your bookings growth.

Also consider that when you take a working holiday as a part time travel agent, you are gaining experience as you go. Every town, village, theme park, restaurant and museum you visit will add to your wealth of knowledge and industry know-how. Plus, with Dream Vacations, you’ll always have access to our training database and online community, wherever you are. If there’s anything you need to know about how to turn a vacation into a business trip, you’ll always be able to find it!

Can You Take Your Family on a Working Vacation?

Yes, of course! As a valued member of the Dream Vacations family, you’ll be entitled to discount travel for you and your loved ones on many of our cruises, tours and more – it’s one of the best perks of being a travel agent! Many resorts and cruise lines offer kids clubs led by professional staff, where the youngest members of your family can enjoy their getaway their way – all while you work in peace and quiet. Then you’ll be free to spend the evenings together, to go out for dinner, see a show or have some family fun at an illuminated theme park.

If you prefer to travel without them, you can still enjoy the travel discount, plus there are familiarization trips and conferences that you can attend as a member of the Dream Vacations family. These will give you the opportunity to meet and learn from other Dream Vacations travel experts – successful professionals who’ve been in the business for years or even decades! What better way to grow your own skills and enhance your experience? Plus, there’s always plenty of flexibility, so you can easily stay on top of your own work while you’re there.

Become a Digital Nomad With Dream Vacations

Learning how to turn a vacation into a business trip is easier than ever with Dream Vacations. We’ll provide the training, mentorship and personal experience you need to be a successful travel advisor and to sell travel anywhere in the world. Get in touch today, or watch our webinar to find out how so many aspiring digital nomads have achieved their dream of traveling and working at the same time. With a passion for travel and the guidance of a respected company who’s done it all before, you could be on your way to living your dream lifestyle today!