Making Money in Retirement the Fun Way, From Anywhere

retiree working as a Dream Vacation advisor

Have you always dreamed about how you’d spend your retirement? Does it involve traveling the world, going wherever you want and ticking off items from your bucket list as you go?

If that sounds like you, then you also might have wondered how to fund all this adventure! One exciting solution is to have a way of making money in retirement that you can take on your travels with you – a  fun, flexible and fully remote way to earn money.

The good news? Earning extra income from anywhere in the world is enjoyable and straightforward when you become a Dream Vacations travel advisor! As one a travel advisor, you can choose what hours you work and from where you work – plus, you’ll get to help other people plan and book their own ultimate vacations.

What Is a Travel Advisor?

A Dream Vacations Advisor is an independent contractor working within a Dream Vacations travel franchise as a travel agent (also called a travel advisor). As an advisor, you’ll have flexibility to sell travel whenever and to whomever you’d like, with the support of your franchise owner/mentor and the tools that come from the powerful Dream Vacations network. 

The great thing about this, an example of remote side gigs, is that you can join whether you’re a travel industry expert or a complete novice – because Dream Vacations will provide you with the training you need to succeed. Plus, even though you’re self-employed, you’ll have your franchisee to mentor you. You’ll pay a small monthly fee, and in return you’ll get training and mentorship alongside your own website, a comprehensive booking system, and marketing tools. You’ll earn a commission on everything you sell. If you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, or making money in retirement while traveling the world, then this opportunity may be perfect for you!

How Can I Make Money From Home Part Time?

To begin with, your franchisee mentor will help you get set up and walk you through what skills and information are important to connect clients with their vacations. Then you can launch into the online training at whatever pace you like – it’s all online for extra flexibility. You’ll also need to market your business – your monthly fee will include marketing materials and access to our special promotions and offers, so you’ll have everything you need to attract your potential clients!

Once the inquiries start coming in, your job will be to give advice, plan itineraries and then book vacations for your clients. You might also make recommendations for extras like insurance, shore excursions and restaurants, so you’ll need to be up to speed with all the latest trends in the travel industry. You’ll also be there to ensure your clients’ vacations go smoothly – providing immense value to their travels. 

Sell Cruises From Home or Anywhere!

The great thing about the Dream Vacations Advisor opportunity is that it can fit into any lifestyle if you are enthusiastic about travel! So, if you like to spend your days out and about with friends or being active, you can connect with clients in the evenings. If you spend your weekdays with the grandchildren, being a part time travel advisor is one of the best ways to make money on the weekend. If you’re often away, and only want to work when you’re at home, that’s okay too. You can even work from your backyard, enjoying the fresh air!

On the other hand, if you want to travel and take your work with you, the Dream Vacations Advisor model is set up so you can do just that. You just need a reliable device and a good internet connection, and you can sell travel from anywhere you like. That could be from the deck of a cruise ship, at a tropical resort or in a villa in Tuscany that you’ve rented out for the summer. It’s the perfect way of making money in retirement because your travel could even pay for itself – plus, you’ll access exclusive travel agent discounts and perks.

Self-Fund Your Adventures with Dream Vacations

If you’ve been longing for a post-retirement traveling lifestyle that pays for itself, now is your moment! Become a travel advisor with Dream Vacations and you could be making money in retirement at the same time as you’re seeing the world and ticking off your bucket list.

If you’re ready to put your skills to use in a way that’s fun, flexible and profitable, sign up for Dream Vacations’ next travel webinar to learn how you could launch your new post-retirement career today!