What Is a Travel Advisor?

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If you love taking vacations, you may have thought about turning that passion into a part-time income-earning opportunity and getting into the travel industry. After all, helping others turn their travel dreams into reality is a uniquely rewarding experience!

In your research, you may have come across the term “travel advisor,” and you may have asked yourself, “What is a travel advisor?” With Dream Vacations, the answer to that question can open doors to an incredible new opportunity!

Travel Agent vs Travel Advisor

Since the introduction of passenger rail, steam ships and airplanes, the opportunities for leisure travel have grown exponentially. In 1841, British businessman Thomas Cook organized the first publicly-advertised train excursion, becoming the first true “travel advisor.” Cook grew his business over the next two decades, organizing and conducting tours, and facilitating the purchase of tickets for commercial travel in the United Kingdom and overseas. 

Cook laid the groundwork for an explosion in the popularity of leisure travel and travel agencies after the Second World War, when more people had the means to travel for pleasure. At the time, travel agents often served as “middlemen,” booking tickets and servicing trips.

In recent years, there has been another shift. With the ability to book tickets online, customers began looking for more from travel professionals – advice on destinations, cruise lines, resorts and other travel considerations. This shift gave rise to world travel advisors — trusted travel professionals who go the extra mile for their clients. Travel advisors book tickets, while also putting their experience to work for their customers, offering valuable advice on the best travel amenities available.

In 2018, the American Society of Travel Agents changed its name to the American Society of Travel Advisors. In the press release announcing the change, they shed some light on the question “What is a travel advisor?” and said, “ASTA’s new name more accurately describes the value our members provide to consumers and is a distinct declaration of who we work for: the traveling public.”

What Do You Need to Be a Travel Agent?

When it comes to being a Dream Vacations Advisor, you don’t need a post-secondary degree or previous travel industry experience. All you need is a love of travel, an internet connection, and a strong spirit to generate a secondary income for your family! Dream Vacations will take care of the rest. 

We offer industry-leading training to get you started, and we pair advisors with experienced franchise owners who will guide and mentor you along the way. Our training courses are offered online and on-demand, meaning they’re flexible enough to work into your busy schedule! We also hold in-person regional training summits throughout the year across the United States.

When you become a travel advisor, you will pay a monthly fee of $39, giving you access to support from a dedicated corporate team and a community of fellow travel professionals. You’ll also be able to use our industry-leading online reservation and financial systems, along with millions of dollars’ worth of award-winning marketing material that can be customized for your market and clientele!

Best of all, you’ll have access to discounted travel opportunities. These familiarization trips let you gain first-hand experience with new cruise ships, tours and destinations – so you can pass the knowledge on to your customers and optimize their trips.

Being a Dream Vacations Advisor has also been recognized as one of the best remote jobs for military spouses. Some of the awards we’ve won include:

  • #1 Ranked Travel Agency Franchise — Entrepreneur Magazine, 2023
  • Top Veteran-Friendly Companies — US Veterans Magazine, 2022
  • Top Franchise for Veterans — Franchise Business Review, 2022
  • #2 Ranked Top Franchise for Veterans — Entrepreneur Magazine, 2022

We have an extensive veteran community with Dream Vacations and we are proud to offer discounts to military personnel and their families.

How Do You Become a Travel Advisor?

If you’re ready to take your next career step and find out the answer to the question, “What is a travel advisor?” – Dream Vacations is ready for you. You’ll sell cruises from home —and so much more! You’ll help your customers make lasting memories on their ideal vacations. Sign up for our FREE webinar to learn more about becoming a Dream Vacations advisor!