How a Teacher Can Also Be a Work from Home Travel Agent

A man posing on a hiking trail, exemplifying one perk of a work from home travel agent job

If you are an educator considering a secondary source of income, becoming a work from home travel agent could be exactly what you are looking for. Ask any teacher if they love what they do, and you’ll undoubtedly receive a positive answer. However, the unfortunate reality is that a high number of educators must supplement their incomes whether inside or outside of the school system – they simply aren’t paid enough.

According to the National Education Association (NEA), about 20% of teachers hold second jobs during the school year, which accounts for about 9% of their annual income. Moreso, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that teachers are three times more likely than other U.S. workers to acquire a second job.

Become a Dream Vacations Advisor

When considering a source of secondary income, it’s important to make sure you are passionate about it. You likely became a teacher because teaching is a passion of yours, so why not start a side hustle doing something you love as well – travel! Teaching is a demanding job – you’re in the classroom all day, must plan future lessons, meet with parents and genuinely be engaged in the future of the students.  That’s why selling vacations and taking advantage of the flexibility and travel perks is a great opportunity to consider.

Teachers looking to balance more than one job can do so virtually when they work from home to sell cruises and other vacation packages as a Dream Vacations advisor. Travel agent jobs from home allow you to sell travel experiences to friends, family and others interested in booking their dream vacations, and the best part is that you can work whenever and wherever you want.

How to Be a Travel Agent From Home

As a teacher, you may be wondering whether you are qualified to be a home-based travel agent. The good news is that you are, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. Creativity – As a teacher, you must present your subject matter to students in a fun and exciting way that will attract their attention. As a work from home travel agent, you can use this creativity building vacations and selling cruises based on your client’s travel desires.  
  2. Attention to Detail – Building detailed lesson plans and designing custom vacation packages share the fact that diligence is a must. Both your students and your clients rely on you to supply a roadmap to their education or vacation.
  3. Listening Skills – As part of teaching, listening to your students is important to form a strong connection and understand their needs. This is key to the student’s academic and social development. As a Dream Vacations advisor, you also need to listen to your clients’ needs so you can create the best vacation package for them as this will result in a repeat business.  
  4. Thirst for Continuing Education – As an educator, you are the expert on what you are teaching and must take continuing education courses to refine your teaching skills. As a travel agent, consumers come to you for your expert opinion in planning their vacation. It is important to take part in training to stay current on what’s new in the travel industry. Plus, travel advisor training can be fun when you attend Seminars at Sea and Familiarization Trips that allow you to experience the products you are selling first-hand.

If travel is your passion and you want to know more about how to become a travel agent from home to compliment your teaching position, then consider becoming a work from home travel agent with the Dream Vacations Advisor opportunity.