Do Travel Agents Get Discounts? A Travel Advisor Perks Guide

man and woman travel agents

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a travel advisor (also known as a travel agent), you’re likely already a travel enthusiast. You’re probably drawn to the idea of helping others travel more, because you’ve experienced how incredible travel can be. Now, you want an opportunity that fulfills that wish and makes it easier for you to travel — both logistically and financially.

So, you’re probably asking yourself a few questions, like “Do travel agents get discounts?” and “Are there other benefits to becoming a travel advisor? 

What are the Perks of Being a Travel Agent?

Some would say one important benefit of being a travel advisor is the work itself. You get to help arrange awesome family vacations, once-in-a-lifetime trips and friends’ dream vacations. You get paid to book travel — and that’s a fun way to earn money! Plus, there are extra perks in it for you, too. 

First: Do travel agents get discounts? Of course! When you become a part-time travel advisor with Dream Vacations, you get the unique opportunity to travel for a fraction of the normal cost. Travel agents often get discounts that help put exciting vacation experiences in reach., thanks to our close relationship with suppliers across the travel industry. 

Better yet, Dream Vacations travel advisors can access opportunities to travel for free. Familiarization trips (or “FAM” trips), offer travel advisors the opportunity to explore a particular travel product. You’ll gain firsthand experience with the cruises, resorts, or tours that you’re helping others plan to explore – perhaps the best possible way to gain critical vacation knowledge! If you’ve ever wondered how to turn a vacation into a business trip, this might be your answer! 

How to Work Remotely and Travel

Speaking of combining business and pleasure, the ability to work remotely and travel is another huge perk of becoming a Dream Vacations travel advisor. You get to do what you already love to do — travel — and you can bring your work anywhere in the world. 

When you become a Dream Vacations advisor, your ability to earn income becomes extremely mobile. You can sell Cancun resort stays from a beach in Hawaii or plan a client’s honeymoon cruise from a cabin in the Colorado mountains. 

While you’re traveling, you can work for a couple hours in the morning, then do as you please in the afternoon (or vice versa). Since you’re your own boss as a travel advisor, your schedule is all up to you, and depending on your financial or lifestyle goals, you can work as much or as little as you want. 

If you plan to work while traveling, all you need is a laptop or smartphone and access to the internet. If you plan to work while on a trip, it’s also helpful to bring along things you’d use in your home office, like an external mouse or noise-canceling headphones. 

Earn Travel Agent Perks By Joining Dream Vacations

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do travel agents get discounts?” the answer is yes! Plus, it might be time to think even bigger — because many other perks are available in this career. 
When you become a travel advisor with Dream Vacations, you get access to discounts, travel opportunities, supplemental income and the flexibility of remote work. Watch our free webinar or contact our team to learn more about how to make the jump to this exciting lifestyle!