If You’re a Travel Enthusiast, This is the Career For You

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If you’re a travel enthusiast, now is the BEST time to transform your passion into a lucrative side gig. 

The travel industry is growing fast, and more and more Americans consider their vacation a necessity. In fact, 79% of younger generations (Gen Z and millennials) believe travel is an important budget priority. And 84% of them would rather “take a dream vacation than purchase a new luxury item.”

As a globetrotter yourself, you already know that memorable travel can be a truly unmatched experience. You might already help friends and family members plan their own travel for free! But there’s an opportunity to parlay your love for travel into a part-time income-earning opportunity — as a travel advisor.

What Do Travel Advisors Do

Travel advisors connect people with their dream vacations and help orchestrate once-in-a-lifetime trips. It’s a truly exciting opportunity for everyone – especially for a travel enthusiast. 

When someone wants expert help with booking resort and hotel stays, cruises, car rentals, and more, they hire a travel advisor. An advisor (also commonly referred to as a travel agent) is a person who can sell vacation packages, give advice on destinations and even get their clients special deals on accommodations or attractions. 

Becoming a travel advisor can be one of the most exciting supplemental income opportunities. And if you’re already a seasoned traveler, you’re primed to make it a lucrative one.

Why a Travel Enthusiast Makes a Great Travel Advisor 

1. You have expert knowledge. 

From cities to rural mountains, beaches to cruises, and everything in between, you’ve seen a lot of the world. Those experiences are pure gold for potential clients who want to plan a future trip to those locations. 

As a travel advisor, you’ll use your firsthand experience to help others choose locations, make itinerary decisions, and prepare appropriate packing lists. You can guide those with unique and complex needs – like if they’re headed to a new part of the world they’ve never seen, will have kids in tow, or if they have certain dietary requirements. Talking to someone like you who’s been there on the ground is incredibly valuable.

2. You’re used to planning logistical details. 

How much luggage can you bring on a cruise ship? What’s the best airport to fly into? What does a family of four do on a 12-hour layover? How do you make it to all the biggest sights in Rome within four days? 

The logistical questions that pop up during travel planning are vital to a perfect getaway. That’s what makes you well-prepared for a travel advisor “side gig”. Thanks to your own travels, you’re great at paying attention to the details. That will pay off for your future clients. 

3. Travel advisor work fits well into your on-the-go lifestyle.

You want extra money — but you need to earn it in a way that fits your lifestyle. Becoming a part-time travel advisor is a great way to have the best of both worlds. You’ll earn money and work as many (or as few) hours as you want. You can take your work on the road and help plan clients’ travel from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Who knows? On that next beach trip to Florida, you might just help a new client book their own ticket to that same beach. 

3. You have a passion for travel — and want to share it.

Whether you’re purchasing a car, a gym membership or even a home, you want to buy from someone passionate and knowledgeable about what they’re selling. The same is true for travel. When someone contacts a travel advisor, they’re going to be looking for an agent who shows enthusiasm for the destination or experience of travel planning. Booking a cruise should always come with a little more excitement than buying toothpaste or a vacuum cleaner at the store.

That’s why the best travel advisors already have a passion for what they’re selling. You know how life-changing and fun travel can be. That enthusiasm is often contagious — and makes clients come back to you to plan their vacations year after year! 

4. You’ll make good use of all the perks. 

Dream Vacations Advisors get access to many benefits, including training and conferences at awesome locations, free travel opportunities, and discounted rates on your own personal travel. 

As a travel enthusiast, you probably already have an eye on your next couple of destinations. So become a travel advisor, earn a little extra money from enjoyable work, and then book a discounted vacation for yourself! 

How to Be a Travel Agent

Becoming a part-time travel agent/travel advisor is quite simple. You can come in with any level of experience – because at Dream Vacations, we’ll give you extensive training opportunities and valuable tools to help you hit the ground running.

The only true requirement of a successful travel advisor is — you guessed it — being a travel enthusiast. With the passion and interest you already have for travel, this can be one of those supplemental income opportunities that doesn’t even feel like a job. It’s just fun! 
If you’re ready to turn your passion into an exciting side gig, fill out a brief form, watch our webinar, or give us a call for more information about becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor.