How to Become a Travel Planner: An Advisor’s Story

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Learning how to become a travel planner is a highly rewarding experience, propelling you to once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences all while helping folks plan their dream vacations.  

Dream Vacations Advisors have a uniquely lucrative opportunity as part of our powerful community, and with hundreds of successful advisors, their individual journeys and travel adventures speak for themselves.  

Do travel agents travel? 

Personal travel is an important piece of what travel agents do. The most successful travel planners have first-hand knowledge to provide their customers with the best travel experiences possible, so it makes sense that we offer our Dream Vacations Advisors travel discounts and perks to help develop their craft.  

Becoming a travel advisor could be your first step in seeing the world. As Sarah and Andrew Fagen, one team of Dream Vacations Advisors will attest, they’ve visited all seven continents, 50 states, and more than 100 countries and 100 cruises in their time with Dream Vacations. As a celebration for being amongst our highest sellers in 2014, they embarked on an unforgettable trip to Peru, climbing iconic Machu Picchu.  

Their well-earned tagline says it all: “Ask us, we’ve been there.” 

Full travel perks for Dream Vacations Advisors include: 

  • Specialized travel rates with our extensive travel network  
  • Free travel opportunities to explore new destinations 
  • Travel summits at all-inclusive resorts 

How long does it take to become a travel agent? 

You can begin your journey to become a travel agent whether you’re a travel expert or new to the industry, especially with our self-paced training program. Designed to be flexible to your schedule, you’re free to work full-speed ahead or take things slow and steady.  

Here’s how to become a travel planner with the Dream Vacations Advisor program in just three simple steps: 

Do Your Research: Before you get started, it’s important to research prospective travel agencies to learn what they can offer you and your goals.  

Dream Vacation Advisors can attest to the level of support they receive, referencing our on-hand support team. We’re here to help you problem-solve and clarify information, as well as support you with any troubles that come your way.  

Beyond our unbeatable support team, we offer the highest commission rates compared to other travel agencies, valuable marketing strategies and ultra-flexible work schedules. Every aspect of our advisor program is designed to reward your hard work.  

Maximize Your Expertise: When you’re ready to get certified, you can complete travel agent classes online, providing you with all the resources you need to become a successful travel planner. Our Virtual eLearning program offers training in cruises, resort vacations, tours and more. You’ll even be paired with a personal mentor, ready to help you in every step of your Dream Vacations journey.  

More than an information hub, our certification program gives you access to our immense network of travel relationships, earning your customers the best possible value.  

Start Selling Travel: Armed with all the resources you could need, you’re all set to start working as a travel planner. Use your passion for travel to connect with customers, leveraging your expertise to plan their dream vacations. As an independent advisor, enjoy the freedom of a flexible work schedule, letting you work from anywhere in the world! 

Ready to Become a Travel Planner with Dream Vacations? 

Dream Vacations Advisors say it best – becoming a travel agent is a fulfilling path to earning extra income and seeing the world, all while making friends along the way. 

Sign up for our next travel webinar to learn more about how to become a travel planner. We’re excited to welcome you to the Dream Vacations family!