Why Instagram Travel Influencers Make Ideal Travel Advisors

Three Instagram travel influencers at the pool deck

Some combinations are just natural. Gelato and an Italian summer. Sunshine and the Caribbean. Japan and sushi. And for Instagram travel influencers who want another income source, becoming a travel advisor can be the perfect complement to what they already do. 

Travel is already something that you know and love. You may have experience booking your own trips. You know the ins and outs of dozens – or even hundreds – of locations. And you have a ready-made audience on Instagram who loves travel as much as you do. So why not sell vacation packages, connect other travelers with memorable experiences, and make a little extra money? 

Becoming a travel advisor is easier than you might think. 

What Does a Part Time Travel Agent Do?

When you become a travel advisor, you get to help other travelers plan out their dream vacations. You’ll help plan travel and connect customers with the cruises, resorts, tours, and other travel products they want.  

For each sale you make, you earn commission. It’s as simple as that! 

What are the Perks of Being a Travel Agent?

Many of the perks of being a travel agent are similar to the ones Instagram travel influencers enjoy: 

  • You can earn money from anywhere in the world. When you combine influencer and travel advisor work, you get more bang for your buck from that trip you take to Cabo. Take advantage of the influencer deals you get, of course. But now, through your role as a part-time travel agent, you can also use that experience to help sell vacations. Future travelers want to know what a place is really like. Good thing they’re buying from you – someone who may have been there! 
  • You decide your schedule. You’ll choose which hours you work — and in what time zones. Instagram travel influencers are frequently on the go. If you’re going to add another income earning opportunity to your repertoire, it needs to be something flexible you can fit into your lifestyle – being a part time travel agent fits the bill. 
  • There’s huge demand… which means more money in your pocket! Travel is on the rise; according to a Forbes survey, almost half (49%) of Americans plan to travel more in 2023 than last year. When they’re planning their trips, they need a trusted advisor to guide them through the process. Instagram travel influencers are uniquely positioned to offer this service, because their audiences already engage with and trust them. Plus, since they follow you, chances are they’re a travel junkie already itching to take their next trip.
  • Discounted rates: As an influencer, you often get either free or discounted travel products. By becoming a travel advisor with Dream Vacations, you’ll have a whole new world of accessible travel! Familiarization trips, or “FAM” trips, allow you to see the world at reduced prices – or even for free – so you can grow your knowledge of various travel experiences. 

How Much Does a Travel Advisor Make? 

Like with influencer marketing, there’s a wide range of income opportunity when you become a part time travel agent. You’ll earn commission for each sale you make, and you can work as little or as much on this part of your business as you want. 

As a Dream Vacations Advisor, you’ll earn at least 60% of the industry’s highest-paid commissions. Depending on your willingness to dedicate time and effort, the sky’s the limit as to how much you can make. For Instagram travel influencers who want to earn extra income — looking for a part time remote gigs that feels truly exciting — consider becoming a Dream Vacations travel advisor!
If you’re ready to add a second revenue stream to your influencing business, sign up for our next travel webinar to learn more about becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor.