How to Make Money as a Digital Nomad

man and woman walking on the beach holding hands - how to make money as a digital nomad

Do you dream of just packing up your laptop and working at your favorite coffee shop, so you’re looking for more flexibility? Do you wish you could book that bucket list trip, so you’re searching for a little extra income to make it happen? This is all possible when you learn how to make money as a digital nomad. The options for a digital nomad–someone who works remotely from anywhere–continue to expand. For avid travelers, it’s time to embrace the opportunity to travel and work remotely. 

Why Work as a Digital Nomad?

More than ever, people recognize the importance of living life to the fullest and being present with their loved ones! They want to spend more time with their families and make memories to last a lifetime. Working, even part-time, as a digital nomad allows people to do just that. 

Since the work is done remotely, you have flexibility about when and where you do it. That means you can keep a full-time job or stay home with kids, but still make money working from anywhere, anytime! 

Find the Right Industry for You

The first step in making money as a digital nomad is determining the best industry for you. Working remotely requires you to be self-motivated, so you want to do something that interests you. When it comes to remote work, there are so many options out there to fit everyone’s skills and interests! 

If you love to explore the world and are looking for supplemental income opportunities, consider the travel industry! As the industry reaches and exceeds pre-pandemic levels, global tourism grew roughly 41% in 2022 and is expected to surpass that in 2023. Now is the time to make the leap! 

Since digital nomads are typically avid travelers, looking at remote travel agent jobs is the perfect opportunity to merge your passion with work and earn extra income on the side. 

Find a Job that Works with Your Skills 

Just like choosing the right industry, you also want to find a job that leverages your existing skills and interests. There are a lot of fun travel jobs out there and although every travel gigs has its benefits, becoming a Dream Vacations Advisor gives you the unparalleled opportunity to leverage your existing skills, such as organizing, helping people, and planning dream vacations! At Dream Vacations, we provide all the technical training to help you get started and continue to grow with our “travel tribe.” 

Start Your Digital Nomad Journey 

Working as a Dream Vacations Advisor has made starting your digital nomad adventure easier than ever before. Since it is remote work, you only need a smart device, a reliable internet connection and a passion for travel! Plus, you can set up shop anywhere–your home office or even beachside on your own dream vacation.  
If you’re ready to learn more about how to make money as a digital nomad, we can help! Sign up for our next travel webinar to learn more about becoming an agent as part of the Dream Vacations family.