Can You Be a Travel Agent Part Time?

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Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk imagining sunny shores or tropical sunsets? Do you daydream about city lights when you’re doing chores, or wish you were cruising the Mediterranean when you’re stuck in traffic on the school run?

If you’re a travel enthusiast with a desire to earn extra income, you may be looking for ways to pursue your passion while making money! You may be asking how can you be a travel agent part time, and still fit in all those family and social commitments?

The answer is: Dream Vacations! We offer fun part time jobs for home-based travel advisors, so you can work whenever and wherever you want. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain free and discounted travel!

What Is a Travel Advisor?

Traveling can change your life – from much-needed relaxation to global exploration. However, traveling has many moving parts, which is why consumers search for information from a real person they can trust – and that’s where you come in. You’ll provide advice, plan itineraries, and make bookings on behalf of your clients. You may even decide to specialize in a particular niche or type of clientele, creating a reputation as an expert in that field.

As a Dream Vacations Travel Advisor, you can run your business from home (or wherever you want!) planning and booking cruises, tours, activities and other amazing vacation experiences. It’s one of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms, as you can choose what hours you work, and when. That means you can fit it in during school hours, at night or even on weekends!

Travel Agent vs Travel Agency

With Dream Vacations, you’ll be supported by a company that’s been at the top of the travel industry for over thirty years. This means that while you’ll be self-employed and working on your own terms, everything you need to build your business from the ground up – including your website, marketing materials and booking system – will already be in place. Most importantly, you’ll be allied with a brand name that people trust and will be loyal to.

Additionally, when you take on one of our part time remote travel agent jobs, you’ll be partnered with an established Dream Vacations Franchise Owner who will help you get set up and guide you through the training. You can complete this in your own time and at your own pace, and you can start making bookings as soon as you’re ready! There are no minimum sales targets to achieve, and you’ll earn a commission on everything you book.

What Are the Perks of Being a Dream Vacations Travel Advisor?

Along with mentorship, technical support and over a thousand hours of online training, you’ll also have the chance to do some traveling of your own through conferences and familiarization trips. After all, you’ve got to know all about the experiences you’re recommending!

You’ll also be part of the Dream Vacations travel family and can join our online community of other advisors and franchisees. They’ll be there whenever you need support or advice, and once you’ve got the hang of things, you’ll be able to offer support and advice in turn. Plus, Dream Vacations will help you pursue your personal goals by encouraging participation in your local community.

Turn Your Travel Fantasies to Reality With Dream Vacations

Can you be a travel agent part time? Absolutely! We welcome dedicated individuals of all experience levels to our Dream Vacations travel community – as long as you have an internet connection and the determination to succeed, we can provide you with everything else.

Start by watching our free webinar today and get in touch with us if you have any more questions. When you’re ready, we’ll guide you through the next steps along your Dream Vacations journey. We can’t wait to welcome you to our “travel tribe” – it’s time to thrive!